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Landen Fine Art Gallery in Villa Rica Interview

Nazrene is a multidisciplinary artist from Atlanta, GA. with a current focus in film photography and sculpture painting. The work gradually evolved from being a reflection on the politics within her heritage to exploring the mindfulness of our emotions. In the paintings you will frequently see use of different materials creating abstract flowers that encompass the acceptance of reality in a form of meditation and acceptance.  With the use of multiple exposure in film photography, the imagery  encapsulate our vivid but hazy sensations we have when asleep. Collectively you will see her work draw the tie between communication and human tendencies broken down into beautiful fragments.

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Aug-Dec 2014// The Blanket Story Exhibition for the Columbia Art Gallery at Columbia University/ New York, NY

Oct 2018// Inner Home In Our Home Exhibition for the All Saints Culture Club/ Tallahassee FL.

Nov 2018// Investigating Identity Exhibition for the Phyllis Straus Gallery/ Tallahassee FL.

Sep-Oct 2018// Southern Exposure Gallery/ Tallahassee FL.

May 2018// Emotion Exhibition for the Phyllis Straus Gallery, Tallahassee FL.

Jan2021// Insurrection Exhibition for Sol Art Collective, Atlanta GA

Jan 2022//Speaking Through My Hands Online Group Exhibition for Women United Art Movement,UK

Winter 2022// Postcard Pin Up Group Exhibition for MINT Gallery, Atlanta GA 

Spring 2022-Current// Landen Prather Gallery, Atlanta GA

Winter 2024//Mindscapes in Motion at Douglas County Courthouse, Atlanta GA



Spring 2019// "FSU Artists" Center for Participant Education Catalog

Summer 2020//Refresh Magazine, Online

Fall 2020// Solidarity: International Virus of Dehumanization, Alter Work Studio, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Inverted Syntax, Online/Print​

Fall 2020// Wild Roof Journal: Works of Resistance, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Waxing & Waning: Inside Outside & Observation of mental self, 

Fall 2020// About Place Journal: Works of Resistance, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Dark Side Collective/Feminist Art Museum: A New Normal, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Mainline Magazine, Print

Fall 2020// Composition of Color, Online

Fall 2020// Strawbry Jean Magazine, Online

Fall 2020// Refresh Magazine, Print/Online

Spring 2021//After Happy Hour, Print/Online

Spring 2021//Potted Purple Issue 09, Print/Online

Fall  2021//IN PARENTHESES, Print/Online

Fall  2021//Beaver Magazine, Print/Online

Winter 2022//Invisible City Magazine, Print/Online

Summer 2022// Mortal Literary Magazine, Online



Winter 2022// Cover Art  for Lee Baines & Glory Fires, Don Giovanni Records, Atlanta GA, Featured: Rolling Stones Magazine 

Winter 2022// Painting for Laura Monterio Fashion Designer at Fit For A Queen, Atlanta,GA



(Reviews/Articles/Catalogs/Interviews)Fall 2021//

The Spoken Message, Podcast Interview



Ann Kirn Award. Florida State University.2019

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