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Floral Dreams & Floral Age Series

During the pandemic, words like “uncertain” and “unprecedented” became common terms in our vocabulary. Grocery stores were overcrowded with shoppers scrambling to purchase paper towels. I also became obsessed with paper towels, but not for the most conventional reasons. For me, these groceries functioned as artistic media for my experimentation with flowers. Despite all of the uncertainty and horror that defined 2020, nature and flowers thrived while humanity struggled. 

After experimenting with floral representation throughout the pandemic, my efforts eventually evolved into this fascination with flowers and how their appearances change as they develop and eventually die - to me they are always beautiful, because they adorn our lives and hold significance to many people for different reasons. 

My goal is to help others express themselves in a unique and personalized manner involving dried flowers. Through a collaborative artistic process, you can select flowers of your choice to be used as media in a painting. This personal commission will reflect a deep and intimate connection that can be enjoyed permanently. 

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